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About CSSS

Big GTs one of our Specialities at Coral Sea Sportfishing Safaris.

“A Hard Act To Follow"

We are the Sportfishing Specialists. We know the where, when, why and how of sportfishing. But what is it exactly that we do? A nice Coral Sea GT landed at one of the outter reefs.

We hunt the biggest meanest fish on the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea by casting surface lures, jigging and light tackle trolling. On our guided fishing charters we take you to destinations where few have the capacity to venture and the fish are big and bold. Most importantly we provide you with the knowledge required to hook, fight and land those bucket list fish.

 “We do the miles, so you get the smiles”

Great Barrier Reef flats caught Maori Sea Perch.  We have embraced this slogan whole heartedly. We definitely do the miles on our “Remote Safaris” to the outer reefs and around Hinchinbrook, the same can be said for our “Escape Day Trips” on the Great Barrier Reef; we travel that little bit further than the rest getting away from major population centers in order to get you bending on as many big fish as possible. 

Primarily we target Giant Trevally (GT’s), Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, Maori Wrasse, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Sailfish, and Wahoo. 

As a by-product we catch a myriad of other species that all readily take lures. That’s the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.

 Our Boat: Insidious

Insidious ready for charter

Doing those miles and getting those smiles requires a serious offshore machine, that's why we chose Insidious   She is designed and built by "Hooker Boats" here in Cairns specifically for the task at hand. Insidious is a comfortable and stable platform offering maximum fishability and she gets along quite nicely with the twin Yamahas, leaving those miles well and truly in her wake. At 8 meters in length there is ample room to fish 3 anglers on the heavy popping gear all day. 

 This Is Your Holiday

At “CSSS” quality service is paramount, we understand this is your holiday and as such your satisfaction is vital to our success. Right from the initial point of contact through to your arrival for your fishing adventure our office and logistics staff will provide you with concise information about your charter. 

We have created tailored sportfishing packages to suit you; the locations and the style of fishing are customised to your prerequisites. Should you wish to “pop till you drop”, or mix it up with a balance of everything, we will make it happen! 

Quality Tackle On charter, our experienced sportfishing guides are extremely knowledgeable and ready to coach you through everything from tackle and technique, through to landing fish. We use quality tackle and equipment, Wilson Venom Livefibre rods exclusively and Shimano and Diawa reels; and they are all in excellent condition. Our food is exquisite and our accommodating support crew is here to make this; your holiday of a lifetime.

 Capt. Greg “Harry” Harriman

Capt. Harry from Coral Sea Sportfishing Safaris at the helm. Capt. Greg “Harry” Harriman is our Company Director and resident fishing fanatic. This is the man who at his wedding declared to his wife he loved her more than fishing; everybody in the room knew that was a lie. We sat down with Capt. Harry and got his story, well the brief version anyway.

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Little Black Marlin.


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