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"CSSS" Big Fish Club

Are you up for the challenge?

Ok; we love our big fish here at "CSSS". Let's face it they are good publicity. We regularly see "Proper' GTs come up on lures and we land a few, I want to see more; so I'm throwing down the gauntlet and I've got a little bonus for those of you that are successful.

Troy with a boss GT Big GTs for little fellas

We introduce our Big Fish Clubs.

The 30+ club. 

For those who can withstand the initial impact of the strike and maintain a connection long enough to land a "proper GT" in the weight range between 30kg - 40kg.

We will give you, your lure that you used for free and a "CSSS" cap made by Fishwreck Apparel as souveniers of this awesome fishing achievement as well as 25% off the price of your next CSSS charter. 

A silver GT from the Hurt Locker Blue Hole GT.


The 40+ club.

Should you be lucky enough to enter the realm of the giants, hook a monster, manage to keep your arms attached to your shoulders; and land a beast over 40kg.

Your prize will be:

Your lure that you used for free, a "CSSS" cap made by Fishwreck Apparel as well as 50% off the price of your next CSSS charter.

  Anything is possible. A monster GT caught on the Nomad Design Tackle Madscad 115.




All fish will be measured and weighed using a tape and digital scales.

All decisions will be made by management All decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered.

Discount applies to a charter of equal value to the charter booked on which the fish was landed.

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