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Rewards from our guided fishing charters

It's true what they say.

"The family that fishes together, stays together"

  family fishing charter family fishing charter

Recently we had Fumiya Okuyama, his wife Yukio and their 2 sons Yuki and Naoki join us. We fished south of Cairns launching the boat from Mourilyan Harbour. The purpose of this trip was to introduce the boys to GT popping. Our first stop had us pull up in the midle of a bommie field with bait stacked on every bommie. For the next few hours we cast into tightly packed balls of bait, raising fish every couple of casts and landing plenty for everybody onboard. It's fair to say the boys got an introduction. 

Fumiya has done a lot of GT fishing in years gone by, it was great to watch the master impart his knowledge onto these two young protoges throughout the day. We also had plenty to discuss; mainly about old school techniques and various locations around the world.

I was impressed by Fumiyas knowledge and achievements in the popping world. 

Here are some of the days results.

  guided fishing GT Charters Sportfishing Charters

  Topwater tactics sportfishing

Sportfishing Charters GT mug-shot. Rewards from our guided fishing charters Guided sportfishing charters Guided sportfishing charters
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