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Outer Reef Safaris

Heading out for a sportfishing charter

One days fishing just isn’t enough? ……. Or you’ve had a taste of what we do on our Escape Day Trips and simply want more!

We are pleased to announce, we now offer 2 tiers of extended charter:

  • Our original 3 person maximum private charter staying at Hinchinbrook Resorts riverside houses.
  • Our new 2 person maximum private charter staying at Hinchinbrook Resorts poolside villas.

The pricing includes all fishing and rods/reels, accommodation, transfers from Cairns or Townsville and all meals and beverages (excluding alcohol).

Why do we call our extended charters Safaris? Because you will feel like you are.......

“On a Road to Nowhere”

Watch our promotional Safari Video

Our Outer Reef Safaris step off from the port of Lucinda situated at the southern end of Hinchinbrook Island. You will explore the lesser travelled pristine outer reef systems, as well as the inshore areas surrounding Hinchinbrook Island, the Palm Island group and Lucinda. The fish are big and brash and the action is hot.

Troy with a boss GT

This is the kind of fishing where tackle and anglers are regularly put to the test. Picture yourself popping for gt’s, when suddenly a vw sized hole is left in the water where your popper used to be, your rod bends to full load as you set the hook and your line crackles off the spool even with 15kg of drag on; your arms strain from the pure strength of the local inhabitant you’ve just hooked as it heads back to the ledge it just swam out from; you are now pitted in an epic battle with a fish that most anglers only ever read about.

As we steam for the outer reefs each morning with Hinchinbrook Island disappearing behind us, you will truly believe you are in the middle of nowhere.

Hinchinbrook Resorts is our base of operations, all the rooms at the Lodge are self contained and air-conditioned. Situated at the southern end of the picturesque Hinchinbrook Channel, approximately 3 hours south of Cairns, the Lodge provides an excellent point of disembarkment, with it's own private pontoon.

Get up of a morning have breakfast and step on to the boat moored at the pontoon, ready for an action packed days fishing; in the afternoon step off the boat ready for nibbles and drinks out on the balcony overlooking the channel and hinchinbrook island; before heading over to the licensed restaurant directly across the road for the evening meal. 

For itineraries, inclusions and pricing of these extended charters click on the links below.



2 Person Private Extended Charter

Outer Reef Safari with 2 bedroom Poolside Villa accommodation catering for a mximum of 2 anglers.


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3 Person Private Extended Charter

Outer Reef Safari with 4 bedroom Riverside House accommodation catering for a maximum of 3 anglers.

  Satisfaction of a big GT

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Now that you have decided that one of our extended safaris is the ultimate fishing adventure for you, contact “CSSS” – The sportfishing specialists to customise a safari for you.  



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